"Carbajal's humor alternates between lacerating and indulgent, and never slackens."
--The New Yorker

Washington High: the year 1985. For four of the school’s smartest and least-popular kids, every day is a struggle. Their only respite comes from basement sessions of Dungeons & Dragons. When a radio request show turns a private crush public, the simple pursuit of education becomes a fight for survival.

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"…The language is so rich, so deep, and so full of complex emotions that I was in tears by the end.
This play will break your heart, and you will be glad for the experience. Absolutely beautiful."

--Daniel Guyton (Attic, Hilarious Nightmares)

Ed, a young man adrift in life, moves into a small apartment with Li, his ex-lover. Ed's awkward encounters as a room service waiter punctuate the ambiguous intimacy with his roommate, as their murky past and true feelings slowly come clear. A spare meditation on the indivisibility of love and loss.

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"In just 25 minutes, Ruben Carbajal's HOLD is able to make you laugh and think about your life."
--Review Fix

Surreal, unflinching, and darkly comic, this collection of Ruben Carbajal's award-winning short plays explores everything from the menace of customer service phone calls to visions of a world bereft of books. In between there's an existential horse, New Yorkers confronting death, morally bankrupt suburbanites, and a man in a flying lawn chair who may be a hero or a lunatic.

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"Carbajal is a master of powerful simplicity. Ray doesn't need to get too emotional; you'll be doing that for him. If you lost a loved one to Covid to whom music was important, you will hear them."
--Scott Sickles (The Marianas Trench, Composure)

More than a million individuals have lost their lives to COVID-19 in the U.S. alone. The sheer magnitude of the numbers can feel impossible to understand. Santa Ana’s Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble has found a beautiful, intimate way of putting faces to those devastating statistics. They put a call out to writers to write living altarpieces for those who have passed, 54 writers from around the globe responded to the prompt, including Ruben Carbajal's The Last Song.

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"A one-minute masterpiece."
--Craig Houk (Cold Rain, Syd)

One Minute Plays: A Practical Guide to Tiny Theatre demystifies the super-short-form play, demonstrating that this rich, accessible format offers great energy and variety not only to audiences but to everyone involved in its creation and performance. Includes Ruben Carbajal's award-winning one-page drama, Moment Before Impact.

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"A smart blend of characters resigned to ennui, but somehow maintaining an ember of hope that things may now finally change."
--Ricardo Soltero-Brown (The Jacket, The Dog)

A five-minute play? Is there such a thing? This collection of 105 gems says, briefly, Yes. Perfect for classroom study or to build a rollicking performance evening, these short works offer rich, complete worlds that are alternately lyrical, narrative, concrete and abstract.
Featuring Carbajal's fact-based docudrama,
Car & Carriage Collide.